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because words are necessary....
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Artist | Literature
United States
20, Oregonian, college student studying nothing close to poetry.

Note me if you'd like to talk, because I like to talk.

None of my work may be used without my permission. I'm pretty lenient on what it can be used for however, so just be sure to contact me first.


When you took me from my petal
and cupped my frailty
between your hands,
it was like my chrysalis was back
and I am changing again.

It was just as warm as I
paintbrushed your palms
with my monarch wings.
You opened up your smallest fingers,
and I saw five hundred facets
of your child's eye.

I saw every angle of your innocence,
I saw the sheen on your corneas
when you flitted those threadbare wings.
I saw the shoebox with corners
like a prism.

And your call was so loud
when you carried me home.
And I witnessed
your five hundred pins,
and five hundred books.

With five hundred fingers you
pinched me out,
and held me to brutal surgery.

I can feel my death like pollen
on a candy bar.

I only ask you start
with my insides.
I see the fly martyrs on their silken cross
and I know now who repents.
the orange lights on the poles are smeared against my window
and she is not

is it wrong to be a little drunk, to have the light
stain the walls. paint on night.

are you a man who wants to be strong?

I am

I want to write love poems but all I have are these.
to have you explode in light
it's what I want.
my corona chandelier, freckled constellations

my good friends are dead and alive and I want to
call them back.

my love is stacking tarot cards on her table
and telling fortunes to strangers.

she used to work a booth before I met her

when all my friends were alive and getting high.

there are two voices:
her songs she has never sung
and the drugs who only play the same three notes.
over and over

the four of cups.

nine of swords.

smear the light on top the cards
so we can find them in your deck.

strength and the devil

the empress and the fool.

flowers and angels and love and songs:
you can have my poems and all my wrongs

I'll clean this up I'll pick this up
just tell me that I'm strong.
at the first house one of the girls has gone insane
and only comes back to break things.

at the second the heater is broken and all the pipes have burst.

at the third house there are condoms on the floor and someone
is always crying.

I touch her robe and then put it away, her silk
robe printed with flowers

clothes only feel when they're on somebody.

I can feel it trying to be warm.

her panties huddled on the floor
plastic coke bottle on the desk.

it's empty.

we can play a game if you want

we can play pretend.

let's pretend that you are in this bed and I am not in this bed
with your clothes, cursing and screaming at some impotent god.

I pile the shells of your skin on top of myself.
I shape them into you

though I was never too good at sculpture so I couldn't
get the hair or the hips right
but I think I got all the rest.

I put that robe of yours with the flowers on top so I could take it off
and put it back on and take it off again.

at the first house all the utensils are gone
and the tv is begging to shatter

the second is so cold when you breathe
that there are ghosts attempting to pull out your teeth

at the third house I thought I was crying over your hips and hair.

if I was some kind of psychopath I'd have the nerve
to force someone else into your clothes

into your robe with the flowers
that I'll have to go home to.
my white wings are too heavy to carry just as you promised
they would be.

massage them from my shoulders,
your rough hands your white skin
my white bones soaking.

is that what we want, water and light?
to be made and remade
and melt like sculptures of ice

my father looks to his wife who looks to her daughter
who looks over to me as I stare at the window
and my hands

you are not going to die I promise
someone will kill you first.

have you met them yet

it might be you that holds me in the morning
kiss me- you'll never be disappointed.

my back against the wall as you hold me.

my white wings are too heavy to carry and my halo would fit better
as a collar

around your neck or
maybe your wrists.

has anyone ever told you just how good you look in gold?

I'm sure they have

when I'm outside the fog is cold
and it's good to be cold
so I do not melt and the dew crystals
drip from my halo.

what I want to be is what you said I could be
and not some cheap imitation of glass

the light from my clear eyes my clear face my clear wrists.

do you see it now

not white

not gold



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Your work is really just breathtaking. I wish I could pull off such potent minimalism.
FallingAsleepTonight Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014   Writer
Thank you
To be honest, a lot of it just comes with practice. And impatience
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Hi, Jonathon!

I just wanted to take a moment to stop by your page and tell you how inspiring and wonderful your writing is.  I enjoy seeing your name in my message center--every piece you write leaves me pondering and awed.  

Thank you so much for sharing your work with us! I hope you're having a good day.

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