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Artist | Literature
United States
21, Oregonian, college student studying nothing close to poetry.

Note me if you'd like to talk, because I like to talk.

None of my work may be used without my permission. I'm pretty lenient on what it can be used for however, so just be sure to contact me first.


I'm only seeing the things
I've always seen.

one beautiful woman in high-waisted white shorts
reading a book

black darts of crows
divebombing my neighbor's house.

my old friend in the passenger seat

one drunk in front of us

this next part
I want to gloss over:

we are older, we are older.

the tiny houses of our bodies.

one woman is now a cottage on the shore.

my death is nowhere

the ocean has ceased we can float on the salt.

there is something strong enough to cast the necessary light
on this

and I feel as though I'm a part of it.

stunted lighthouses
no bigger than your thumb

the walls painted in crow.

nothing has died yet but I promise it will.

I see my yesterday as I have always seen it-
a spent candle.

my light

have you seen my light
gentle and naked is how I saw us
red skin
soft bellies.

angels plucked and left to sit on the grass.

I've never seen one of us in a t-shirt, have you?

not even in paintings.

we take them off

my feathers drift with your feathers as two kinds of snow.

I brush the crumbles of cloud from your shoulder.

my strip club nativity strings up your eyes as lights

blue and green

my white hands grasping your halo.
your hair.

if light does come from a place like this
then I want to be light


the pulses of your halo in the grass make me remember in moments.

your bare earth skin

the snow bed of our dead wings

shudder and close.
the only thing I've learned from my mistakes
is how to ask forgiveness.

the sun throwing itself over the hills


weak and drunk and discussing poetry in the sun.

I haven't decided yet if this whole damned place
is made with evil
or maybe it's just me

that sun and the hills

all around.

my old friend chain smokes and clears his throat

he recites his truth between the hills.

the crimson sun of his cigarette

the golden sun of my rum.

in the shade

a pair of small children come down the trail and he hides the pack
of cigarettes between his legs.


who are you trying to save?

somewhere I know my mistakes are crying and coming together.

putting on human clothes and coming
over the hills
down the trail

out of the earth.
their hands outstretched

like a child wanting

the sun in my throat.
I saw her piercing blue seas one hungover monday morning
and I knew then which ocean I wanted to drown in first.

all of my rats have tangled their tails
around my liver, my lungs

each other.

and I've tried and failed to burn them out
poison them
dissolve them
tear off their tails.

an endless monarchy of rats.

I want to swim in your ocean, be tugged and tickled
by the tides.

watch the sun rise over the water

watch the sun set over the water

drift me as far away as you can

your blue seas.

so far from syringes and smoke
slumping over and in

dirty couches
filthy chairs.

their tails flailing in your waves.

these bottles and blotter paper surround me with their
continual dying.

when can I see you again?

at the end of my life

waiting on my doorstep your shore in a thin film of snow.

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