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because words are necessary....
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Artist | Literature
United States
22, Oregonian, college student studying nothing close to poetry.

Note me if you'd like to talk, because I like to talk.

None of my work may be used without my permission. I'm pretty lenient on what it can be used for however, so just be sure to contact me first.


right now your forests so similar to mine
hold her from me the way I have feared

this is revenge because I no longer call you home,
I understand. I picture my various loves there

in the shower as I am hair shampooed back-

what can you say while you are covered in soap
foamy malt of some rural valley

the naked swimming pagan dancing I have left.

my thoughts on you are one continual freudian slip I shiver
now out and dripping for you
I think only of blood diamonds

as a woman like you I know would love to see destroyed
the carbons retwisted

to a backbone of swinging sugar.
wrapped halfway in my gray wool blanket

one thigh out white and elegant
a first brush struck in some dark

or maybe caressed I consider
my hand outstretched


the ceiling, one bulging light-

suddenly black and white jumping spider
one fuzzy mote of life

for some ancient purpose I am horrified of
and grab the end of a long green broom.

don't kill it, she says from our couch
downward- I watch her tear up just a little

the great pine tree outside I turn to every morning

retracts into leggy needles

where the canvas has gone.
inverted flame leaving an outline of grease on everything:

I don't know what to call it yet.

it is monumental,
the weight of its emptiness- petrichor

paws of cats.

your weight in itself is worth raising a glass to.

the only other thing that owns me

your voice is my voice when I pull onto the curb to cry.

your face is the full moon stark in blue afternoons
I used to point to as a child.

the grand silence of one gigantic rock

gazing away forever.
it is my first day on the job.

four years of biology has prepared me
to file my taxes, practice my signature

get out of bed at four a.m. to beat the morning traffic.

it is not so bad, I think
filling in the box with black pen that says:

I will need corrective lenses to be installed in my respirator.

outside an absent world is still shining-
my black car unlike anything they have
in pakistan or india

entering the highway.

for a moment I feel ashamed.

I cut directly in front of a two ton frieght truck,
the driver flips me off and I smile with the radio.

my commute takes me through not one but
two rich my neighborhoods able to call themselves cities

knowing now how much I am paid I feel some pang
of selfish jealousy towards the ever invisible occupants.

the wind changes direction

I leave the windows down because I derserve it.

as I shift the tinted car into park I think of how
I've done nothing

except maybe piss someone off and
eat a little more of the world.

some girl with her old great dane walk nearby-
he is right up against her.

I picture them both with safety goggles
shining in the aura of a clean room suit.

now she can strip away the endless dust
the must come in from sunlight

wordlessly- an old hound's godly silence
surrounds us

palpable and final.
make a list of everything that shall one day sink
into the sea:


your childhood

the sun itself.

I imagine my bones strung into place now drifting,
etched in salt.

soon everything you are will wash ashore as jellyfish
and tumbled glass.

a small painting that at first appears stolen

from a hotel bathroom.

clouds, the shadows of clouds
deepening the water.

a sailboat drifting or turning with no one at the helm

no one in sight.

my hand now moves across the rippled sheets of a darkened room.

bones drowning in skin.

when I sleep I wish to drift on my back
just like the boat

arms outstretched looking upwards-
then turning
I gaze

at my huge, empty house.

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