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because words are necessary....
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United States
21, Oregonian, college student studying nothing close to poetry.

Note me if you'd like to talk, because I like to talk.

None of my work may be used without my permission. I'm pretty lenient on what it can be used for however, so just be sure to contact me first.


the only thing I've learned from my mistakes
is how to ask forgiveness.

the sun throwing itself over the hills


I haven't decided yet if this whole damned place
is made with evil
or maybe it's just me

weak and drunk and discussing poetry in the sun

that sun and the hills

all around.

my old friend chain smokes and clears his throat

he recites his truth between the hills.

in the shade

the crimson sun of his cigarette and the golden sun of my rum.

a pair of small children come down the trail and he hides the pack
of cigarettes between his legs.


who are you trying to save?

somewhere I know my mistakes are crying and coming together.

putting on human clothes and coming
over the hills and down the trail

out of the earth.
their hands outstretched

the sun in my throat.
when I am reincarnated I hope to come back as myself.

do not bury me

do not place a cigarette or something else in my hand when I am gone
and say that I wanted this.

do not give me wings like the other dragonflies and angels

put me back in this body that coughs and spits
and loves as recklessly as it writes.

do not give me dog-legs or dog-love.

give me back my lungs my liver my heart

as blackened as they may be.

leave me in a tub of ice and do not close my eyes.

I will close my gaping mouth myself in time, close myself up
climb from the ice and wrap a towel around my waist.

my old life soaking the earth, my new life dripping in.
When you took me from my petal
and cupped my frailty
between your hands,
it was like my chrysalis was back
and I am changing again.

It was just as warm as I
paintbrushed your palms
with my monarch wings.
You opened up your smallest fingers,
and I saw five hundred facets
of your child's eye.

I saw every angle of your innocence,
I saw the sheen on your corneas
when you flitted those threadbare wings.
I saw the shoebox with corners
like a prism.

And your call was so loud
when you carried me home.
And I witnessed
your five hundred pins,
and five hundred books.

With five hundred fingers you
pinched me out,
and held me to brutal surgery.

I can feel my death like pollen
on a candy bar.

I only ask you start
with my insides.
I see the fly martyrs on their silken cross
and I know now who repents.
the orange lights on the poles are smeared against my window
and she is not

is it wrong to be a little drunk, to have the light
stain the walls. paint on night.

are you a man who wants to be strong?

I am

I want to write love poems but all I have are these.
to have you explode in light
it's what I want.
my corona chandelier, freckled constellations

my good friends are dead and alive and I want to
call them back.

my love is stacking tarot cards on her table
and telling fortunes to strangers.

she used to work a booth before I met her

when all my friends were alive and getting high.

there are two voices:
her songs she has never sung
and the drugs who only play the same three notes.
over and over

the four of cups.

nine of swords.

smear the light on top the cards
so we can find them in your deck.

strength and the devil

the empress and the fool.

flowers and angels and love and songs:
you can have my poems and all my wrongs

I'll clean this up I'll pick this up
just tell me that I'm strong.

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To be honest, a lot of it just comes with practice. And impatience
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